Beware of phishing attempts where scammers attempt to gain your username and password. Often times these appear to be from Microsoft, Google, or Dropbox which redirect you to a login page where you would enter your username and password – effectively giving the scammer your credentials. Once the scammer has access to your email the first thing they would search for “user” “username” “password” “account” “credit card” in an attempt to gain more company and personal information. This is a main reason we never send passwords over email.

Here is an example email from a client:


Clicking on the links redirects to a page that looks like Microsoft Office 365 login… but it is not!


If you may have fallen victim to a phishing attempt, change your passwords immediately!

We recommend two-factor/multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) to block this sort of attack, we install security appliances and software packages to prevent these attacks from ever reaching your computer. Contact kGinger Consulting today and see how we can improve your security.